5 Part Recipe for Our Secret Sauce (to Success)

Could your life use a new flavor? Need to kick it up a notch? At Eastlake High School (Eastlake) you get all of the flexibility, devoted support, and guidance you need to ‘cook up’ your ideal future. Try our recipe for success at our tuition-free, fee free public school for grades 9-12 in Colorado Springs.

1 - Prepare Ingredients - Mise en Place

The first step to achieving your goals is to write them down and make it real. Believe in yourself! You are worthy of that high school diploma and dream career. Our 100% free high school is designed to give chances to every deserving student. Our devoted teachers and staff help you get everything in place for your personalized learning journey.

Students wear protective eye gear, aprons, and gloves in Science Class at Eastlake High School in Colorado Springs.

2 - Simmer in Studies for Desired Amount of Time

Flexibility is an important secret ingredient to our success rate at Eastlake. Empower yourself to create a class schedule that works around your life. You decide if you want to graduate early, or if you need to stretch your learning journey out. This is your time to shine.

3 - Gently Fold in Every Support You Need

Another secret ingredient to success is support. Whether you need after-hours tutoring, mental health services, an internship, work study, or a Family Advocate, take advantage of all the free support we offer. Our inclusive Eastlake community is one of our greatest assets.

4 - Allow Your Aspirations to Rise

It’s common for Eastlake students to discover a new career path that fits them better than the goal they originally planned. No problem! We call this growth, and fully support you on changing direction on this journey to your new aspirations.

5 - Serve and Share Success While Still Warm

Sharing your success story reinforces your positive self-image, acknowledges your accomplishments, and recognizes your potential while motivating others to grow, too. Alumni refer 65% of current Eastlake students - empowering others feels awesome!

Are you ready to cook up a dream life for yourself? Every second counts, chef. All you have to do is start by enrolling today!

About Eastlake High School
Eastlake High School is an alternative, tuition-free public high school launched in 2004 as an answer to the growing number of students seeking options on the path to a diploma. Our highly qualified staff meets students where they are, with flexible scheduling and custom-built academic programs. Community, personalized learning and unwavering support are the heart of our mission. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we enroll 9th-12th grade students year-round. Join us – We’re different on purpose.