Here, You Take the Wheel & Drive to Success

You know that exhilarating feeling when you’re headed to a new life of opportunity? Not yet? That’s why we’re here. Eastlake High School is a tuition-free, fee free, student-centered public school that answered the call for a different kind of education. We provide limitless compassion for guiding you toward a bright future. You take the wheel.

Our mission is to provide an education option for students who need flexibility in scheduling, individualized learning, behavioral support, and structured post secondary opportunities.

Flexible Scheduling

  • Take right-fit courses at the times that fit your life including AM and PM classes, hybrid courses, and after-school tutoring. 
  • Enroll year-round and find alternative pathways, flexibility, and dropout prevention. 
  • Design your learning journey around your other life obligations. 
  • Graduate when you’re ready. Winter and Summer graduations allow you to move up to the next life adventure when you achieve the credits, education, and personal growth you need. 

Get ready for more customized support…

An Eastlake High School student is walking by a row of computers with a purple wall behind him. He is looking towards the camera and smiling.

Take the Wheel

Your learning path is your own, but you are not alone. Eastlake teachers and support staff work with you to customize an academic program that matches your current situation, talents, desires, and learning style at a level traditional schools can’t. No matter what life throws on your path, we help you navigate around obstacles, chart a course that fits your goals, and fuel up with free helpful resources to get you headed in the right direction.

Anything is possible and everyone, including you, can thrive. We know you have it in you. Taking that firm yet comfortable grip of the wheel takes social, emotional, and mental support - we got you here too.  Growing through community service hours, free counseling, and behavioral skills support, you learn more about your own capabilities and giving community while you also learn how to achieve the future you want. We’re your cheerleaders the entire way.

Now & Beyond High School

Yes, you can graduate high school and post-secondary school too. You’re going to discover that you have what it takes to gain job experience, interview skills, and work/life balance. Don’t know what you want to do yet? No problem. We offer a Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness Coordinator to: 

  • help you discover the career opportunities for you and skills necessary to get there. 
  • develop the route towards the next level education, career, or military program that matches your success plan.  

Feeling excited to start your new learning journey with us? Let’s go. Take the next step towards this exciting time in your life. We’re eager to guide you on a customized route to success, your way. Go ahead. Take the wheel.

About Eastlake High School
Eastlake High School is an alternative, tuition-free public high school launched in 2004 as an answer to the growing number of students seeking options on the path to a diploma. Our highly qualified staff meets students where they are, with flexible scheduling and custom-built academic programs. Community, personalized learning and unwavering support are the heart of our mission. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we enroll 9th-12th grade students year-round. Join us – We’re different on purpose.