Support Services

Restorative Practices

Eastlake High School  recognizes that a positive and equitable learning environment is essential for students to thrive academically and developmentally. Eastlake High School  also recognizes that individual responsibility and mutual respect are essential components of the educational process.

Eastlake High School recognizes that certain populations of students, including students of color, students with disabilities, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations, have historically faced disproportionately harsh and exclusionary discipline in schools. It is the position of this school that a fair and equitable school-wide student discipline policy is a necessity, required by both federal and state law, and will contribute to the quality of all students’ educational experience. Knowing this, Eastlake High School, has decided to implement Restorative Practices.

Restorative Practices involves the building of positive relationships and establishing a  supportive environment that is fair, consistent, and democratic. It involves interventions when harm has happened, as well as practices that help to prevent harm and conflict by creating a sense of belonging, safety, and social responsibility within the school community.

The underlying principle is that relationships are important, and when an incident occurs, the focus is on the harm caused to the relationship and the subsequent repairing of that harm; rather than; what rule has been broken and therefore what consequences will be imposed.

We at Eastlake High School recognize that a few of the benefits of implementing Restorative Approaches at Eastlake High School will be: 

  • A safer, more caring environment. 
  • A more effective teaching and learning environment. 
  • A greater commitment by everyone to taking the time to listen to one another. 
  • A reduction in bullying and other interpersonal conflicts. 
  • A greater awareness around the importance of connectedness among our students.
  • Addresses the need to belong and feel valued by peers and significant adults. 
  • Greater emphasis on responses to inappropriate behavior that seek to reconnect, and not further disconnect our students.
  • Reductions in suspensions and expulsions. 
  • A greater confidence in the staff team to deal with challenging situations.

Corporal punishment is not permitted within the Restorative Practices model. . No employee may threaten, inflict, or attempt to inflict unreasonable, irrational, or inappropriate force upon a student. Good sense and judgment should always prevail. It is the collective responsibility of all Eastlake High School employees to help create healthy, safe and positive school environments and to support students feeling engaged, included and able to resolve conflicts peacefully.