Graduation Information

Students are required to fulfill the College and Career Readiness Demonstration (CCRD) requirement set by the Colorado Department of Education. The specific courses and CCRD requirements vary based on the Graduation Track selected by the student. The number of courses/credits to graduate also depend on the graduation track they choose. The academic plan and the courses required are determined by the track selected. For the graduation requirements for each track, see the Course Requirements section below.  The graduation track will also determine the requirements for the CCRD.  The Graduation Tracks are as follows:

Other requirements for graduation include:

  • Pass the prescribed academic curriculum 

  • 9th  &10th graders take PSAT 10

  • 11th graders take SAT

  • 11th graders take CMAS Science Only

  • All students take MAP tests 2 times per year in Reading, Language, Math, and Science

Exceptions to the graduation requirements (attendance, work and volunteer hours) are permitted only after the school principal performs an in-depth review of the student’s individual circumstances, and approval is obtained from the Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Coordinator, the Graduation Committee and the Principal.

Eastlake High School Diploma Minimum Eligibility Requirement

All students who are graduating from Eastlake High School of Colorado Springs are required to meet all graduation requirements as approved by the Board of Directors and outlined in the Student Handbook.  In addition, all graduate candidates are required to complete a minimum of 0.5 credit in a core or elective course, not to include work credit, at Eastlake High School in order to establish residency at the school and, in doing so, be eligible for an Eastlake High School diploma.