What Community Means at Eastlake

We talk about community a lot here at Eastlake High School. Our community is the heart and soul of our school. It’s the people who show up everyday, put on a smile, provide an ear to listen, get to work and give each other their best.

What will you find when you enroll at Eastlake? Here’s what community means to us and what we hope you will come to experience for yourself at our tuition-free public high school. 

At Eastlake High School, community means…

     …An inviting, inclusive home to freely and boldly be yourself. We wholly accept each student as they are into our judgment-free zone, wherever they are on their educational path. Eastlake High School encourages you to come as you are.

     …Trusted relationships with teachers, staff and fellow students who care about you. At Eastlake, you’ll be greeted by new faces, warm smiles and an extended hand. We take the time to get to know you, your needs and your goals. You’ll find that doors are always open if you need someone to chat with. If your busy schedule demands our hybrid learning option, you’ll still find people you can depend on even if you can’t be in-person everyday.

Two members of the Eastlake High School community smile at the camera, holding hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. 

     …Celebration! Joy is an essential part of a healthy community and we never miss an opportunity to celebrate. From holidays to gatherings, spirit weeks and graduations, we love to come together to socialize and have fun. 

     …Open communication. We prioritize conversations around your goals and needs, so we can work together to open pathways to your future. Consistent contact with you and your family about your progress and needs helps keep you on track.  We aren’t afraid of tough conversations if they will help us achieve our goals. 

Students at Eastlake High School wear costumes and stand together during a school event.

     …Unwavering support for you, your dreams, and your future. We know you work hard, and we know life doesn’t always go as planned. Whether it’s extra tutoring help, a flexible schedule so you can work, or basic needs support from our Family Advocacy Program, we’ve got your back. 

     …Connection to our local community. Our school operates thanks to the support and love of the greater Colorado Springs area. We return that love by hosting events and fundraisers that give back to those who have given us so much. We also partner with local schools to provide you access to sports, broadening the connections you can make while in school.  

     …Shared purpose. We are all here for one goal—to help you get your high school diploma and find a bright future. We work together and never lose sight of our purpose.

Our community is what we are most proud of and, we think, one of the greatest factors in the immeasurable success we’ve helped students find over the years. We want to welcome you, too, to our community–enroll today for Fall 2022


About Eastlake High School

Eastlake High School is an alternative, tuition-free public high school launched in 2004 as an answer to the growing number of students seeking options on the path to a diploma. Our highly qualified staff meets students where they are, with flexible scheduling and custom-built academic programs. Community, personalized learning and unwavering support are the heart of our mission. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we enroll 9th-12th grade students year-round. Join us–We’re different on purpose.