Amazing Alumni: Claudia Salomon-Ruiz

A profile photo of Eastlake High School Executive Assistant and alumni, Claudia Salomon-Ruiz.

We love a great success story–especially when it means our students return to us here at Eastlake High School (EHS). Claudia Salomon-Ruiz is a thriving graduate and we are lucky to call her a member of our team at EHS. We asked Claudia to tell us a bit about her experience as a student and her role as Executive Assistant. Read on to find out how a tuition-free diploma from EHS set Claudia on a path to giving back to students just like her!

When and why did you attend Eastlake High School? 

I attended Eastlake High School (then called Life Skills) in 2008 and graduated in 2009.  I was a teen mom and needed to get my diploma to continue my education and be an example for my child. She is now turning 18. I had attended an online school but it was hard and the progress was very slow. Attending EHS was the best decision I could have made. At EHS I was able to complete 2.5 yrs of high school in only one. It was not easy and the language barrier was my first obstacle as English is my second language. I am truly thankful for finding this place. I do not think I would have done it without all of their support.

What is your favorite memory of your time at EHS?

I have really good memories from that time, but the one that stands out the most is when my teachers took the time to support me without me asking for help. I also remember the rewards we got from the Principal – a pizza party for good attendance!

Who was the best teacher for you? Why?

My homeroom teacher, Ms. Tiffany, was the best teacher. She helped me set up goals and tracked my progress to make sure I was on the right track for graduation. Even after I graduated, I stayed in contact with her. I think that having someone who cares about you makes a difference. I loved the small school setting and the one-on-one support they are able to provide. 

How did EHS prepare you for what came next?

EHS helped me prepare for the future. I not only received a diploma, but also skills and knowledge that I wouldn't have found in another place. Six years after I graduated, I returned to work at Eastlake High School as a receptionist, then transitioned to be a registrar and I am now an Executive Assistant. I also help with translation services for Spanish speaking families.

How has EHS evolved since your time in school?

EHS now has two sessions AM for students 14-18 yrs old, PM for students 19-21. Students that are employed can turn in their pay stubs and receive credit for their hard work, this can go towards their electives. Students can also earn rewards for completing classes.

The school has an amazing principal who cares about the school, students, and families. She is always encouraging the students to work hard and rewards them for their hard work.

The school now offers even more types of support for students, including an intervention specialist, a school psych, and a family advocate. EHS has a teacher per subject and paraprofessionals that help students one-on-one.

EHS provides breakfast and hot lunch for students and offers food provided by Care and Share for the students and the community. Bus passes are also offered for students who need transportation.


We agree, Claudia. And we are thankful for all you give to our students and staff. 

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