A Day in the Life of an Eastlake Student

Wondering what a typical day is like for a student at Eastlake High School? It depends on the student. At Eastlake, we create a unique learning plan and flexible schedule for you and with you. To give you an idea of what that flexibility looks like, here is a day in the life of three different students that you might find at our tuition-free high school.

An Eastlake High School graduate and parents stand in front of a Grad 2022 backdrop. The graduate is wearing a traditional, purple and gold cap and gown.

The Full-Time Employee

First, let’s meet Dylan. Dylan works full time to support himself and help with his younger siblings. He dropped out of school when he was sixteen because he needed to work, but he wants to increase his earning potential and options by finishing high school. When he found out about Eastlake, he knew that he had a chance to realize that dream.

Dylan has arranged to work from 8-12 Sunday through Thursday at his job. At least 3 days per week, Dylan attends classes in person for 2 hours per day and takes advantage of the free after-hours tutor that Eastlake offers 3x per week for 3 hours a day. During the days that Dylan is not on-site, he is doing his school work remotely, in the evenings or on Saturdays. 

It’s a tough schedule, but Dylan loves that he can still work while making up the credits he needs to get his diploma. He is able to work at his own pace, meaning that he can finish his education quicker than he could in a traditional school. He also has the unwavering support of his teachers and the Eastlake support staff.

The Single Mom

Clarissa did not expect to get pregnant at 15. Struggling to keep up with both her school work and her new baby, Clarissa wondered if she would ever be able to finish high school. At a teen moms’ support group, Clarissa heard about Eastlake and decided to check it out. 

At Eastlake, she found teachers who understand her challenges and worked with her to create a flexible schedule. Since Clarissa has limited access to child care, she plans her week to attend morning-only classes. She is able to complete the remainder of her work at home around her parenting schedule. She is gaining confidence as she works steadily towards a high school diploma and a more secure future for herself and her child.

The More Traditional Student

Meet DeAndre. A dedicated student who loves to learn, DeAndre’s family moved several times when he was in middle school and the beginning of high school. As a result, he has some gaps in his education and is behind in credits. DeAndre is determined to make up his missing credits. To do so, he needs some extra support from the staff at Eastlake. 

DeAndre has chosen to follow a more traditional school schedule, coming to the building every day to do his work and benefit from the help and support available to him. He has, for the first time in his education, formed significant relationships with his teachers and he trusts them. He is on pace to graduate on time, and is now looking into college options to continue his education. DeAndre loves the stability he has found at Eastlake through the schedule he created.

What about you? Can you imagine what the best schedule would be for you to complete your high school education? Reach out to us and we will work with you to create your flexible schedule, the one that works best for your situation. Take control of your future today–we’re enrolling.

About Eastlake High School

Eastlake High School is an alternative, tuition-free public high school launched in 2004 as an answer to the growing number of students seeking options on the path to a diploma. Our highly qualified staff meets students where they are, with flexible scheduling and custom-built academic programs. Community, personalized learning and unwavering support are the heart of our mission. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we enroll 9th-12th grade students year-round. Join us–We’re different on purpose.