Tuition & Fee Free High School

Have you ever tapped an ad for something “free” only to discover hidden fees and costs for the service? You won’t find that when you enroll at Eastlake High School (Eastlake), where we are a 100% tuition-free, fee free, public school. Here, you are offered a roadblock-free pathway to your high school diploma.

No Fees. Period.

At Eastlake, free means free. 

  • Books are free. 
  • Supplies are free. 
  • Bus passes are free.
  • Resume services. Free. 
  • Food is free (breakfast and lunch on campus plus our food pantry).

Have a job interview? We have free clothing in our Community Closet. We’re not hollering to check under your desk for free prizes you don’t need. We’re a high school that believes in removing financial barriers to your well-deserved education.

Eastlake High School students enjoy free tuition, free supplies, free books, and free time.

Free Education Means Zero Tuition

You are a student who deserves a chance. Why struggle to get a leg up on your future? Let us offer you a personalized education. Let us give you a chance. At Eastlake your tuition is free. We also cover the costs of special programs such as the CNA licensure or our dual enrollment partnership with Pikes Peak State College. You deserve a burden-free key to unlocking your incredible potential, future opportunities, and dreams made reality. That’s more powerful than nearly any other free anything.

What Else is Free at Eastlake?

Not one student at Eastlake can say they are not supported here. We offer after-school tutoring, a Family Advocate service, Restorative Practices, and mental wellness support. We understand that offering free classes in a flexible schedule is often not enough to close the achievement gap. You need good people like the teachers and staff at Eastlake to provide a safe environment and community while you’re seeking a high school diploma. We welcome and guide you along your path to graduation. The only cost to you is your time and effort.

What about you? All you have to do is believe in yourself enough to take the next free step before you free fall. Trust us. Students at Eastlake are REACHing New Heights. It’s your turn. Enroll for free today!

About Eastlake High School
Eastlake High School is an alternative, tuition-free public high school launched in 2004 as an answer to the growing number of students seeking options on the path to a diploma. Our highly qualified staff meets students where they are, with flexible scheduling and custom-built academic programs. Community, personalized learning and unwavering support are the heart of our mission. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we enroll 9th-12th grade students year-round. Join us - We’re different on purpose.