Parent/student Feedback Wanted!!



Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:

I have not had the honor of meeting all of you, but I would like to make sure that you have a chance to voice your concerns/opinions/ideas/questions to me. I want to make sure there is a direct line to me that you can use on a regular basis. I am the only person that will read these responses – however, I will report back to staff if you bring forth an issue I need to address with a staff member.

PARENTS: As your principal, communications is not only important but necessary for us to truly partner for your students’ success.

STUDENTS: Many of you know me and have been around me allot. I want to make sure that you also have an opportunity to voice any thing you need to – you have my ear.

ALL: Even though it is not safe for me to offer an open door to you, my ear is always yours. I am available through email at I am available through my work cell at (719)246-7255. I am available to set up google hangouts/meets with anyone that would like face-to-face time. I am here for you. Please feel free to use this form anytime you want to reach out to me.

– Your Principal,
Cassandra “C.J.” Berry

Please submit our form.